Mom Quits Her Job, Establish Babymama

A lot of mothers are torn between staying at home with their kids and keeping their corporate jobs. Because of the pandemic, several companies allowed their employees to work at home, and mothers, who took advantage of this arrangement can spend more time with their families.

However, not all working moms have this luxury—some have even lost their jobs. But this mom, who needed to quit her corporate job because of a difficult pregnancy, will inspire all mothers to think out of the box and be successful, as well.


Image: Facebook/Babymama

When she was pregnant with her second child, Mi’Ann Reyes Oblea was advised to go on bed rest. During that time, she realized how fun it was to stay at home and have unrushed moments with her eldest child. She got her husband’s support when she told him about her plans of resigning.

“We just agreed that I eventually had to start earning again after I give birth since financial independence is important to us,” she shares.

The ‘One’

Mi’Ann first thought of putting up a waxing salon, but the spark is not there. Tipi, her husband, suggested selling breast pumps, instead, since it was difficult for her to find the right one when she was still carrying their eldest child.

“I realized that this was a product that I could get behind because I didn’t think that a good pump should only be available for those who have lots of money. I wanted to provide a product that all working moms can afford,” she explained.


Image: Facebook/Babymama

Mi’Ann coordinated with companies from South Korea and the United States, which manufactures breast pumps. They agreed to sell their products in small quantities. She put up a transactional website, and Babymama was born in 2009.

Her advice to fellow moms—grab the opportunity when you see one. “Act fast and work with momentum. Beautiful ideas are just ideas if you don’t do anything,” Mi’ Ann shares.

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