Engineering Graduate Finds Success In Chicken Breeding Farm

The pandemic was truly a different time for everyone. The financial and economic constraints caused by the pandemic forced the closure of many businesses. Meanwhile, there were those who got lucky and became “pandemic millionaires.” For Michael Castro, he had a bit of both worlds. During the height of the pandemic in 2021, he found himself at a loss and unable to find work. At the same time, it was also his redirection, as he found himself crossing from being an engineering graduate to an agribusinessman.

Engineering Graduate Finds Success In Chicken Breeding Farm
Image by Mr. Chix Farm via Facebook

Michael Castro, the owner of Mr. Chix Farm, went from being a fresh engineering graduate to a chicken farmer. He posts daily inspirations on the Mr. Chix Farm Facebook page in an effort to encourage other people with dreams of starting their own agribusinesses to take the first step, no matter how small it may seem.

He wrote, “Don’t be afraid to start. Either you start small or big it doesn’t matter, what’s important is you have started something. No beginner is perfect, so don’t waste time trying to be one. Embrace the challenges, pick the learning along the way.”

Michael truly lives up to his words of motivation, as he too started his dream with small steps. In an article on the Manila Bulletin by James Tababa, he shared that he started his agribusiness with 20 chicks because of his limited capital. With hard work and a lot of research and learning, Michael was able to establish Mr. Chix Farm, a sustainable chicken breeding farm.

Among the invaluable lessons Michael learned is to keep up with the challenges and failures of being an agribusinessman. He used to raise 45-day chickens but soon realized that raising free-range chickens, particularly Heritage chickens, was more feasible due to the Philippine climate.

Since 2021, Mr. Chix has grown to become a popular breeding farm for many chicken, turkey, and duck farmers. Michael’s agribusiness assists new farmers, including breeding animals, hatching eggs, and raising chicks.

Agribusiness is a great business option if you have the land, capital, and knowledge to raise farm animals. There are already a growing number of young farmers who have found success as farmers. For instance, the owner of MBL Integrated Farm is a double-degree holder who chose to become a farmer. Another inspiring story is that of the student who earns thousands as a goat farmer. There are many more reasons to become a farmer, and this is especially true if agribusiness and farming are some of the things in life that you are most passionate about.

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