Multi-Tasking Work-at-Home Mom Runs Two Businesses, Manages Home without Yaya

These days when the prices of commodities are high, raising a family on a single income might not suffice. It’s a good thing that the internet and social media affords a lot of families the comfort of staying at home and taking of their kids while also earning some extra cash.

turning hobbies to business
Photo credit: Eaye Cano / Smart Parenting

Family First

Recently featured on Smart Parenting, Mommy Eaye Cano impressed netizens with her story. She used to work in administration and information technology back when her family lived in Dubai, but this hands on decided to bring her family back to the Philippines when her son was diagnosed with autism.

turning hobbies to business
Photo credit: Eaye Cano / Smart Parenting

With treatment being more affordable in the Philippines, the family moved back home. But treatment is still costly and adjusting to a single-income household was difficult. So, she decided to work at home and put out a business. She didn’t stop with one business; she opened a second one!

Photo credit: Eaye Cano / Smart Parenting

Hobbies to Business

Initially, I decided to put up my two businesses as hobbies to have extra income,” Eaye shared.

Eaye shares that she runs a one-stop online shop for clothes, PJs, bedsheets, jewelry, bags, etc. called Boutique.Mnl.Ph and her customized cake business called Blissful Bites.

These hobbies turned out to be good sources of income. What makes these businesses perfect for this mom of two is that she could run these while still being a hands-on mom at home. She uses social media and the internet to reach her customers but is able to control her time.

Photo credit: Eaye Cano / Smart Parenting

A super mom, she managers her home and their businesses without a yaya! After dropping off the kids in school, she spends her time meeting with suppliers, sending out the orders, paying courier services, and managing her businesses.

She schedules baking and delivery of her customized cakes during nighttime to avoid the traffic rush.

Photo credit: Blissful Bites / Facebook

Yes, being a work-at-home mom is the best option for me now. It allows me to attend to my family and earn on the side. It just takes a lot more planning to make sure you have time for your family and your business,” this happy work-at-home mom declared.

You don’t need to invest in an office. I make do with what I already have at home.

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