Neri Naig Son Miggy Is Now A Business Owner At Age 6

Neri Naig is definitely on the right track in raising her son to be a successful entrepreneur. At the age of 6, Miggy is a condo unit rental business owner!

Neri Naig Son Miggy Is Now A Business Owner At Age 6
Images by Neri Naig via Facebook

The “wais na misis” shared that Miggy’s condo is now up and available for transient use. Neri promoted her son’s business on Instagram and shared some of the features of the condo unit. She wrote, “Negosyo ni Miggy! Suportahan natin ang kanyang negosyo po.” [Miggy’s business! Let us please support his business.]

In an earlier post, she explained that she decided to save and invest the earnings Miggy received from his endorsements. Neri added that it’s their goal to teach their son financial literacy, which they believe is important to learn at a young age. She wrote, “Tuturuan namin ang mga bata na maging financially literate. I think ayun ang dapat matutunan nating lahat kahit nung bata pa lang tayo eh.”
[We will teach our children to become financially literate. I think these things should have been taught to us when we were young.]

But she also added that it’s never too late for anyone to learn. “Pero it’s not too late sa atin kahit anong edad pa tayo. Ang mahalaga, nagsisimula na tayo,” she said. [But it’s not too late for us, even though we’re now older. The important thing is we get started.]

She further shared that the “super simple” unit is affordable and open to transients. It’s good for 2 people for only P2,000 per day. It’s furnished with a refrigerator, a small dining area, and a hot shower. Even better, it’s just walking distance to Baguio’s Session Road, the cathedral and the hospital.

Neri said she’s excited to get started on many more investments to add to her growing list of businesses. Real estate is definitely among the best options for long-term investment. By investing in real estate, you are essentially investing in property that will appreciate over time. In addition, rental income from real estate can provide a steady and regular income.

However, it is important to remember that turning real estate into a business is not as easy as it may seem. It takes time and effort to find the right property, invest in the furnishing and renovation, and find the tenants. The market can be highly competitive, although it has big returns. But if you are patient and willing to put in the work and learn tips to become a successful Airbnb host, this can be a very lucrative investment.

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