Netizen Shares Trick in Saving Money with ‘Invisible’ Php200 Bill

A lot of people would agree that saving money can be so difficult, especially because we do have to spend money on food, transportation, and other things we need everyday. But there are also a number of people who still managed to do it despite not having a lot of extra money to keep! So, how did they do it?

Photo credit: PESO SENSE / Facebook

On financial literacy and savings group PESO SENSE, there are a number of people who shared their inspiring stories of how they were able to save some money. While many do have good jobs and a lot of extra cash to spare, there are also those who are just earning a little but have found ways to still keep some of their money.

Someone shared a trick that got her to save Php31,800 in just 6 months. According to this netizen, she considers Php200 bills as ‘invisible’ and never spends that money. Instead, she puts all the Php200 bills in a jar. Every time she sees a Php200 bill held by someone or at a store’s cashier, she would try to exchange the bill so she could save more in her money jar.

Photo credit: PESO SENSE / Facebook

The trick actually worked! By making the Php200 bills ‘invisible’ to her, this woman was able to save a whopping Php31,800 in just 6 months! She said that she gets more inspired to save as she sees her money jar get filled with the green bills.

But she is not just saving Php200 bills, she also has a coin bank for new Php10 coins. She’s so happy with her achievement that she shared this on PESO SENSE to serve as inspiration to many. She shared that she’s going to put the money in her bank account as additional savings for her planned car. Great way to save?

Photo credit: PESO SENSE / Facebook

Superstitions about Saving Money

In the Philippines, there are many people who don’t want to save money because of superstitious beliefs. For example, there are people who believe that when they save money, someone in the family gets sick so that the money he/she saved has to be spent for that someone’s treatment. So, they don’t save money so no one in the family gets sick, hopefully.

Joy Adalia
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