Outstanding Agriprenuer: Double-Degree Holder Chooses To Be A Farmer

Mark Ezzer Ligan used to dream of becoming a seaman. But instead of being in the sea, he chose a life on the farm.

The 26-year-old from Murcia, Negros Occidental is enjoying a peaceful life running his MBL Integrated Farm. Mark started his farm on his family’s 3-hectare land in 2017 while he was still a student.

Outstanding Agriprenuer: Double-Degree Holder Chooses To Be A Farmer
Image by Mark Ezzer Ligan via Facebook

Mark’s interest in farming began when he was in third-year college and was required to do a feasibility study about farming. He began planting vegetables like okra, eggplant, guyabano, coconut, and many others. He also raises imported goats from Australia, cows, carabaos, and chickens.

Mark finished a double degree – Interdisciplinary Studies and Marketing Management— at the University of Saint La Salle–Bacolod in 2018. He was grateful for this family’s support which allowed him to start and sustain his farm.

He was quoted on Pep saying, “I was able to start and eventually sustain the farm through the help of my family.”

Mark wanted to prove that there’s money in farming and began focusing on goat farming. According to Pep, there is over 80 percent of Pinoys are goat-meat eaters, and only two big commercial goat farms in the country. This huge demand is a big opportunity for goat farmers.

He shared, “For goats alone, there’s a huge market both for dairy and meat. So who says there’s no money in farming?”

Outstanding Agriprenuer: Double-Degree Holder Chooses To Be A Farmer
Image by Mark Ezzer Ligan via Facebook

Mark explained that the meat of a chevon goat, the most expensive goat meat in Negros Occidental sells at around P500 per kilo. To show how much money there is in farming, he shared that he can sell a five-month-old goat for P30,000. He also earns from their harvests of fruits and vegetables.

Because of his hardwork, Mark was awarded as 2109 Oustanding Young Animal Raiser by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental.

Despite his success, Mark remains true to his mission of helping provide food, especially during the pandemic. He said, “We continue to grow crops and raise animals. In fact, we even produced more eggs, vegetables, corn, and fresh milk.”

“Food is very essential during this time, and it is our responsibility as farmers to make sure that there’s available food on every family’s table. We are more motivated to produce more,” he added.

There are many outstanding agripreneurs who found success in goat farming, mushroom production, and many more. There are also many vloggers who can help you get started with your agribusiness.

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  1. saludo!!! indeed, there is money in farming, if all farmers would treat farming/agriculture as a business and not simply as backbreaking work of raising crops and livestock.


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