Pampanga’s Best – The Business That Started “With A Helping Hand”

If you will visit their official website, you will learn that Pampanga’s Best is a business that started “with a helping hand.”

Lolita O. Hizon’s meat vendor neighbor approached her one day with some unsold pork at the end of the day. She agreed to help cure the meat in order to avoid spoilage using her own version of the traditional Capampangan pindang (fermented pork). She called the end-product ‘tocino’ and the unique salty-but-sweet taste became a hit among buyers.

“I asked for her five kilos and I processed it into tocino, which I learned from my mother. I gave it to her again the next day. She sold it easily,” said Lolita.

Later on, she refined the formula and the process which eventually led to establishing – you guessed it – Pampanga’s Best, Inc.

To get started, she needed a P3,000 capital and she found a way to produce the money. “I pawned my ring for the amount. I started making tocino everyday and I was praying to God that the orders will double the next day,” she recalled.

Photo credit: ChoosePhilippines
Photo credit: ChoosePhilippines

These days, the brand is synonymous not only to tocino but with other tasty meat products such as hams, hotdogs, skinless longanizas, hamburger patties, embotido, tapa, corned beef, barbecue, and bacon, among many others.

Pampanga’s Best now has numerous outlets and distributors scattered across the country and even in the Middle East.

The former elementary school teacher has truly found gold at the end of the rainbow as she ventured into the meat processing business. The family-owned company has become a model business because of its tremendous success.

“I believe it is more of a divine plan,” Lolita reflects. “All these years, I see a visible hand guiding us always for a purpose. I would say it is Divine Providence-that is the secret”.

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