Pia’s Kitchen By Pia Wurtzbach Is Inspired By Her Love For Travel And Food

As they say, focusing on your passion is a good direction when you’re thinking of a great business idea. Many entrepreneurs who found success usually focused on their hobbies or things that they truly love. Take, for instance, celebrity couple Coleen and Billy Crawford’s food business, Casa Crawford, which is inspired by their love for Mexican food.

Pia's Kitchen By Pia Wurtzbach Is Inspired By Her Love For Travel And Food
Image by Pia’s Kitchen via Facebook

This time, Pia Wurtzbach also turned her love for food and travel into a lucrative business venture. She has opened Pia’s Kitchen, a cloud kitchen-based food business that showcases some of Pia’s favorite foods as she traveled all over the world.

Pia collaborated with CloudEats, a popular cloud kitchen, to help her jumpstart her food business. Partnering with a cloud kitchen is a good idea if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to cut costs since you don’t need to have a physical kitchen of your own. Try to learn more about cloud kitchens and see if it suits your business vision.

CloudEats worked with Pia to come up with a “traveling menu,” where they regularly update their menu to focus on a certain travel destination. Like other celebrity food entrepreneurs, Pia ensures she is very hands-on with her business, even amidst her busy schedule.

She shared in an article on Tatler, “I’ve been very hands-on in choosing what food to offer. It’ll be exciting for our customers because they get to try a different menu as if they were really traveling with me!”

In an article on CloudEats, Pia explained that her motivation is to share some of her favorite foods from all over the world and inspire her fans to try new cuisines. “I really love food, and I really love to eat. I wanted to share my favorite cuisines with people, and I thought Pia’s Kitchen would be the best way for people to have a taste of the world one click away,” she shared.

Pia’s unique concept of a “traveling menu” is one great way of offering something unique and new to customers. The food industry is highly competitive, so it’s important that you come up with ways to stand out from your competitors. Try to research as much as you can about the demands for products or services in your market and understand your target audience. This will help you come up with better quality, service, and pricing specific to your target audience’s needs. Good luck!

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