Pinay Brings Sorbetes Business to Belgium with Favorite Pinoy Flavors Available

A Pinay brings sorbetes business to Belgium – and many netizens were impressed. They even offer different Pinoy flavors. Filipinos are surely going to love getting a taste of home, while other nationalities can sample the street favorite.

Pinay Brings Sorbetes to Belgium

The Pinoy sorbetes is a popular street food, also known locally as “dirty ice cream.”

Kamille Rodriguez Bories, a Pinay nurse and co-owner of “Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle” explained that the business started from their home in Sint Niklaas, Belgium, in July 2020.

She and her pastry chef Belgian husband Jelle just tried making some sorbetes in their kitchen. She was craving for the taste of sorbetes.

Realizing that other Pinoys in the area might feel the same way, she decided to start the business of selling traditional ice cream flavors from their home.

Pinay brings sorbetes business to Belgium
Photo credit: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle

Though ice cream is popular in most countries, there’s really just something about the Pinoy sorbetes that Filipinos love.

It was not surprising, therefore, that the business would soon thrive in Belgium.

Popular Pinoy flavors like mango, durian, chocnut, and ube (purple yam) are available

Because of their location and different nationalities, the couple was able to create fusion flavors for their micro creamery business, Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle.

Just like the “manong sorbetero” back at home in the Philippines, they couple also sell their ice cream in a colorful cart. But it’s not pushed. Instead, the cart is on a modified bike.

Photo credit: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle

It’s quite impressive how the couple managed to grow their sorbetes business in Belgium. From three loyal customers, their market grew.

They’re now selling at least 80 tubs of ice cream per week.

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