Pinay Model’s First Investment Will Teach Us How To Start Now, Not Later

Modelling is like being a freelancer, you’ll never know how much you are going to get in one month because you are not committed to one company.

Your income will greatly be based on the projects that come your way during the month, duration and payment terms must also be considered.

Julia 1

This is what worried model and entrepreneur Julia Quisumbing about her modeling job. She wanted to have a stable income per month and not just rely on the money she gets from modeling.

“Modeling gave me a great income with a lot of freedom. The only problem was that I never knew how much I would make every month. That lack of stability drove me crazy. I decided to put all of my income into an investment.”

Back in 2015, after a lot of thought and consultation to everyone she knows that can help, Julia decided to purchase a condominium unit in Baguio for P3 million pesos. The turnover date was July 2017.

She was able to pay the down payment that was required because of a commercial she made.

“I had two years to save enough money to pay the exceeding amount. The way I saw it was I put all of my money in a bank (the condo), the property was my asset, and I could have a stable monthly income by renting it out. [I could also] sell it in the future, getting my money back with some extra profit from the increased value.”

For her, she was getting a great investment because the condominium will be connected to a small mall with restaurants, it will also have an SM Savemore grocery on the bottom floor.

Julia 3

When she was called to pay the remaining amount and for the turnover of her unit, she was reluctant at first, but she did pay it and she fell in love the moment she saw her unit.

 “I was so happy that I trusted my gut to get the place, even though a lot of people wondered why I chose Baguio; somewhere I rarely go. Honestly, it was just because I was young, inexperienced, and needed a better deal. I had no idea that I would be getting such a prime location with amazing quality.”

She was told that she can rent out the condominium for 15,000 a month, but she wanted a faster way to get her investment back so she tried out Airbnb.

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“I was so shocked when the next day I got a booking and I had to rush and find a housekeeper online. That month of July, I made more than a full months rental in half the month. I got so inspired that I returned to Baguio to improve the design and supply extra linen and necessary items for a daily rental. The following months took me on a new journey of fulfillment and success.”

Julia 2

Now, according to the Female Network, she makes about P40,000 – P50,000 a month from the bookings of her condominium unit.

Source: Entrepreneur PH

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