Pinay Upgrades Fishball Sauce and Street Foods, Now Earns Php120k a Month

When you say street foods, mobile carts selling all sorts of foods like fishball and tempura come to mind. But one Pinay managed to upgrade the ordinary street foods into something “sosyal” that’s now helping her earn Php120k a month!

Pinay Earns Php120k a Month from Street Foods

Like many workers, the husband of Tin Clemente-Dionglay endured a salary cut at the height of the pandemic. To cope with their family’s financial needs, Tin opened her business, “Mommy Tin’s Home Kitchen.”

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Photo credit: Yummy PH

At the time, she had already been reselling various goods, but she decided to upgrade her products with her own creation, fishball sauce.

Starting with a capital of Php5,000 which she used for buying better tools and cookware for her kitchen, Tin grew her business with the help of her husband and two assistants.

Photo credit: Yummy PH
Photo credit: Yummy PH

Her fishball sauce venture quickly grew, and she had the idea of expanding the business by selling other products such as samalamig syrup and chili garlic in olive oil. She also began selling lumpiang togue, inspired by the dish her mother-in-law loves to cook for the family.

What’s amazing is that she managed to upgrade the fishball sauce and street foods so that they’re also being hired for company events, and even weddings! That also came as a surprise for Tin who couldn’t believe that there are people who see the charm in street food products to include in their special events.

Photo credit: Yummy PH
Photo credit: Yummy PH

Did you know that Tin doesn’t even have a business degree? She’s a Biology graduate, so she refers to herself as an ‘accidental’ businesswoman because becoming one was really just an accident for her.

From that small business she started for Php5,000, Mommy Tin’s Home Kitchen now earns as much as Php30k a week or around Php120k a month. We’re impressed.

Is There Money in Fishball and Similar Food?

Yes. Street food is popular not just in the Philippines but in many parts of the world. These foods are usually popular to buyers yet are just easy to cook and prepare.

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