Piolo Pascual And Kathryn Bernardo Business Partners For A Resort In El Nido

Kathryn Bernardo is proving that she is a true “millennial entrepreneur” by expanding her business ventures to include a boutique resort. This time, she partnered with Piolo Pascual and other business partners for their luxurious Isla Amara Boutique Resort in El Nido, Palawan.

Piolo Pascual And Kathryn Bernardo Business Partners For A Resort In El Nido
Image by Isla Amara Boutique Resort via Facebook

Kathryn earlier shared that venturing into business is all part of “adulting,” and she’s always eager to learn from good mentors. That mindset impressed Piolo and believed that Kathryn will go a long way in the business world. In an interview on Push, he admired Kathryn by saying, “It’s nice because she’s only in her 20s. The kind of businesses that she’s getting into is still conservative but in a way calculated risks. So you know, it’s admirable, especially for her age. She’s not stopping.”

Isla Amara Boutique Resort is located inside the Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan, and is just a 1 minute’s walk from the beach. It looks luxurious and refreshing, with a garden and an outdoor swimming pool. Piolo said they wanted to create a “tropical feel,” so they filled the property with various plants and foliage. Aside from the main pool, they also have a kiddie pool. Their restaurant is also open to serving a variety of foods to their customers.

Piolo admitted that starting a resort in Palawan while he’s based in Manila is not easy. But he was determined to be very hands-on with the planning and construction, and now that’s fully operational. He added, “I have been here several times in the last few months, and whenever I would have free days I would jump in the plane and stay here for three days. Every time I get a free few days I come here right away.”

He shared that managing a resort is no easy task. He said there were so many “birth pains” and learning processes along the way. He admitted that if he hadn’t learned these things beforehand, he would be terrified of their plans.

In an earlier interview with Pep, Kathryn admitted that for celebrities, venturing into business is a whole new world for them. She said, “It’s a whole new world for us kasi iba iyong artista, ‘tapos iba pag pinasok mo iyong mundong ito.” [It’s a whole new world for us. It’s different when you’re a celebrity, and this new world is also different.]

Getting out of your comfort zone to venture into business has been a key factor in the success of many entrepreneurs. For instance, two teachers left their profession and became successful as special taho shop owners. If you feel like you’re willing to take the risk, take your time and create a business plan first to see if your idea has a chance. Good luck!

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