Ramon S. Ang Shares 7 Secrets To Success & Happiness

They say money can’t buy happiness. But does it really not? If you’re one of the wealthiest men in the country, what would be happiness and success for you? Business tycoon Ramon S. Ang shared the secrets that helped him find happiness and success in life.

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Image by San Miguel Corp

The chief executive officer of San Miguel Corporation has an inspiring rags-to-riches story. Rising from being the son of a Chinese vendor to leading one of the Philippines ‘ biggest conglomerates, he remains to be a role model for many individuals. His inspiring speeches has been lauded by many individuals who look up to him for motivation. According to him, he uses his seven secrets when he is dealing with different people.

Here are the seven secrets to happiness, according to Ang:

1. “Be a man of your word.”

It means when you make a promise, you have to stick with it. It’s wrong to say that promises are meant to be broken. It talks about commitment and dedication.

2. “Know how to keep a secret.”

It means the skill to understand and identify that some things should be kept. When dealing with different people with different backgrounds, learning to keep a secret would help earn you their loyalty and friendship.

3. “Work harder than anybody else.”

Hard work and perseverance will get you on top. It means that it’s not enough that you are hard working. You have to be the most hardworking among them all. Grit, dedication, and passion will fuel you to be the most hard working person.

4. “Be decisive.”

This is probably one of the hardest skills to make. Being decisive means you have to learn to make quick but careful decisions. There’s no room for hesitations when you’re pressed for an answer. Make decisions and stick with what you choose.

ramon ang
Image by Ramon Ang via Facebook

5. “Be a risk-taker.”

As they say, no risk, no success. Learn to take risks and break boundaries. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go. When you don’t take risks, you’ll be stuck and won’t reach higher for your goals.

6. “Nothing is impossible.”

As push yourself to take risks, also believe that nothing is impossible. Dream big, even if it seems unattainable. When you have a big goal in mind, you’ll make big actions, and it will result in big rewards.

7. “Believe in a bigger purpose.”

When everything doesn’t seem to go your way, believe that it has a bigger purpose. There’s a reason why you didn’t get what you want. Believe that everything happens for a reason. You may not see it now, but eventually, the bigger purpose will reveal itself to you.

According to Ang, his ability to read people has helped him become successful in life. He was quoted on Philstar saying, “One of the reasons for my accomplishments is because of my ability to read people and situations. I am able to adapt. I make tough decisions based on gut instinct.”

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