Repacked ‘Kutkutin’ Snacks Earn P30k Weekly From P5k Capital

As they say, don’t underestimate the power of small businesses to go big. What seems like the usual Pinoy finger foods we grew up eating has been elevated to become a hit business idea.

Finger foods like peanuts, banana chips, choco candies, gummy jellies, and many others are not new items on the market. However, these “kutkutins” don’t seem to go out of trend as they continue to be lucrative products to sell. Instead of the usual plastic bags, they are now repacked in plastic bottles to make them more presentable and appealing.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Arabella Begornia of Switella and Bites proves that these finger foods are indeed a profitable business idea. From a capital of P5,000, she is now earning P20,000 to P30,000 a week. That’s around P80,000 to P100,000 profit every month. Even more impressive, they were able to grow their business within a year.

According to Arabella, her mother and aunt came up with the idea of repacking finger foods. She recalled how her aunt was simply eating finger foods when they decided.

“Naguusap lang po sila through video call kasi po OFW po ang mom ko. Yung tita ko po, kumakain lang siya ng mga kutkutin. And then naisip nila na bakit hindi sila magstart ng sarili naming business,” she shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan. 

“Doon na po nagsimula. Naisip po nila ang mga Pinoy mahilig sa mga kutkutin, “ she added.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Since then, Arabella and her workers started repacking the usual comfort finger foods we grew up. They repack chips, beans, peanuts, chocolates, gummy bears, and more.

Arabella recalled that they didn’t have many resellers at all when they were starting. They also just did the repacking at home. Now, they have a production area and workers to help them.

And they didn’t stop there. Arabella’s repacked ‘kutkutins’ also upgraded when they were given a new look and presentation. They also offer gummy cups, which are gummy bears placed in a fancy cup with special wrapping perfect for giveaways. You can also buy a gummy bouquet to give something unique to someone special.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

The kids will also enjoy their party sweet cones filled with mini marshmallows, chocolates, and other candies.

How To Prepare Party Sweet Cones

First, place chocolate bits into a cone-shaped plastic. The special packaging looks like a fancy pastry bag. After the chocolate, add in mini marshmallows and the gummy bears on top. Tie it with a ribbon.

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