Roy Quejada Explains Why Being #1 Isn’t Yellow Cab’s Goal

Roy Quejada worked as a service crew at a popular hamburger chain when he was a first year college student. He didn’t realize it at the time but that actually marked the start of his fast food career.

Fast forward to several years, Quejada is now chief operating officer for Yellow Cab, one of the leading pizza stores in the country. According to him, it’s a delight to work for the company since he’s always been a fan of the brand. His favorite Yellow Cab pizza? New York’s Finest – which is loaded with lots of meat!

Photo credit: Executive Chronicles
Photo credit: Executive Chronicles

“All the while, I thought it was an international brand,” exclaimed Quejada, a self-confessed regular customer of Yellow Cab who frequented the St. Francis, Ortigas branch. “If I didn’t see it that way,” he was quick to add, “I would have stayed in my old job. But I saw how competitive the brand could be.”

Yellow Cab definitely has a distinct image compared with its competitors. Instead of the usual red and black theme, the company went for yellow and black similar to the pattern of taxi cars. They incorporated the colors in their store design, logo, and marketing materials. On top of that, the company purchases cheese from Australia and New Zealand to give their pizzas, further cementing its reputation as a globally-competitive brand.

Photo credit: Inside Retail
Photo credit: Inside Retail

The company now has 100 stores with branches in Dagupan, Laoag, Ilocos Norte, and Davao. They also have franchisees in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Malaysia.

Despite all these achievements, however, Quejada pointed out that their goal “isn’t to be number one or the best.”

So what do they want to happen instead? “We just want to have more loyal customers. Our thrust is to improve our food, service and cleanliness on a day-to-day basis, and if we do that, customers will keep coming back. Loyalty is the goal,” Quejada declared. “If we become number one, that’s a plus, a bonus to us.”

Great times, great pizza indeed.

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