Rufa Mae Quinto Runs Home Health And Hospice Care Business In The US

Rufa Mae Quinto proves that even after losing millions of money in business, there is always hope. The actress-comedian is one of many celebrity entrepreneurs who tried their hand at business but also failed several times. Rufa Mae, like Ara Mina, bounced back from her failures and continued to invest and venture into business.

Rufa Mae Quinto Runs Home Health And Hospice Care Business In The US
Image by Rufa Mae Quinto via Facebook

In an earlier vlog of Mariel Rodriguez with Rufa Mae, she once shared that she lost P4 million in a business venture. She felt she was scammed and didn’t receive or recover anything from that loss. But despite it, she has said she is used to finding ways to earn.

True enough, Rufa Mae didn’t let that failure stop her.  In a report by Jun Lalin on Philstar, the columnist shared some life updates on Rufa Mae. Among these is her new business venture with her husband, Trevor Magallanes. According to Rufa Mae, they decided to start a home health and hospice business in the United States, where her husband and their daughter, Athena, reside.

She said, “Home Health and Hospice na ang career namin dito. Hahaha. Nagtayo kami para si hubby mas flexible rin ang oras. Mas may time siya sa amin ni Athena. Saka maganda rin na may business.” [In the US, our job is to provide home health care and hospice. We decided to build one so that my husband’s schedule can be more flexible and he can spend more time with me and Athena. Also, having a business is always a good thing.]

Running a home health and hospice agency is a very lucrative business in the US, but it is also heavily regulated by both the federal and state governments. Home health services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy delivered to patients in their homes rather than a hospital or other medical facility. Meanwhile, hospice is a home that provides comfort and improves the quality of life of elderly and terminally ill patients.

Rufa Mae explained that she has to fly back and forth between San Francisco, California, and the Philippines because she still has many showbiz opportunities. She said she juggles everything and doesn’t let any opportunity go to waste. Thankfully, she has a very supportive husband.

She explained, “Pero kailangan magsipag pa rin, kaya go, go, go lang kapag may mga offer. At least si hubby can take care of our daughter at may business din.” [It’s still important to be hardworking, so I just go as long as there’s an offer. At least, my husband takes care of our daughter and handles our business.]

Finding a side hustle even with a steady job is a great way to earn money. Like Mikael Daez, who earned P1 million from side hustles, Rufa Mae believes in seizing any opportunity to make extra money.

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