Sari-Sari Store Transformed Into A Coffee Shop, Now Successfully Opens Branch in Japan

An old sari-sari store has breathed into a new life as it was transformed into a small coffee shop. Now, it has successfully expanded and opened its first branch in Japan.

coffee shop
Image by Justyn Emthree via Facebook

Siblings goal! Justyn Emthree and her brothers decided to turn their father’s old sari-sari store into a coffee shop. Emthree works as a care worker in Japan. Due to the pandemic, three of Emthree’s siblings lost their jobs. The coffee shop was not just a dream come true but a source of livelihood for them.

“Duon ko binuo ang siblings goals namin tatlo dahil walang kakayahan kapatid ko nasa Pinas financial kami ng brother ko ang nagshare at ‘yung kapatid kong lalaki na nasa Pinas ang naging way para maipaayos namin siya,” Emthree shared on Philippine Star.

Soon, the siblings opened Espresso Coffee Shop in North Fairview. According to Emthree, her inspiration for the coffee shop was the neon lights of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe.

coffee shop
Image by Justyn Emthree via Facebook

Opening a business is not easy. Emthree’s siblings attended seminars to learn the basics of running a coffee shop business. They spent over P100,000 for the renovations. But it was all worth it as they saw how their thriving business was able to serve and help others.

“Ang aim namin ay makatulong sa iba na magbigay rin ng trabaho. Kahit pa isa o dalawa ang kunin namin, makakatulong pa rin ‘yun sa mga nawalan ng work,” Emthree  said.

Despite her willingness to manage the coffee shop in Manila, Emthree couldn’t come to the Philippines. Instead feeling disheartened, she took the opportunity to expand their business.

coffee shop
Image by Justyn Emthree via Facebook

With determination and grit, Emthree worked hard to open a new branch of their coffee shop right in Japan. According to Emthree, their Espresso Coffee Shop is the first Filipino-owned coffee shop in Yokohama Japan. Customers flock to grab their daily caffeine fix.

“Base on the Minami Ward where the shop is registered ESPRESSO COFFEE SHOP is the first Filipino Coffee shop owned by a Filipino Citizen in Yokohama Japan which more customers are not only for Filipino but also all Japanese Citizens,” Emthree shared with Business News Philippines.

Despite being an entrepreneur, Emthree didn’t give up her job as a care worker. She manages her work as a frontliner and also keeps up with the demands of her business.

Juggling a career and a business is no easy task. But with Emthree’s dedication, she is willing to do everything to achieve her dreams.

Sally Mae

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