Seth Fedelin Proudly Gives A Tour Of His Half-Hectare Farm

Seth Fedelin is among the many celebrities who have invested in owning a farm. Like Dimple Romana, the young actor said he took a risk in paying a huge amount for a farm, but it was all worth it now that his family gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In a recent YouTube vlog by Karen Davila, Seth gave a tour of the half a hectare farm he owns. He shared where they cultivate mangoes, eggplants and other produce. He also has livestock such as chickens, pigs and goats.

Seth Fedelin Proudly Gives A Tour Of His Half-Hectare Farm

According to Seth, he bought the land for his father, who is his mentor in farming. Seth also opened up about his rags-to-riches journey with Karen. He recounted how he grew up in poverty and had to share a pack of noodles with his siblings. When he was 11, their lives took a huge turn when his father suffered a stroke and they faced financial difficulties.

He took a leap of faith and auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother Teens after seeing a casting call. Because they barely had money, his father lent P500 for his fare to the audition. This proved to be the best decision of Seth’s life. He made it to the PBB Teens house and became a fan favorite. He landed several projects and endorsements as an actor and quickly rose to popularity.

Meanwhile, Seth said he has many plans for his farm. He plans to build a farmhouse on his property and expand it. Seth said he doesn’t care about money or fame, but rather happiness and peace of mind for his family. He wants to support his siblings’ education and insurance. He also wants to live a simple life in harmony with nature.

“Hindi ko pangarap na sumobra ang yaman. Sanay na ako sa hirap, bakit ako matatakot na humirap ulit? Ngayon, mine-make sure ko lang talaga, ngayon pinaplano ko itong insurance ng mga kapatid ko, ‘yung mga nagma-matter sa akin, itong investments ko,” he said.

[I didn’t wish to become rich. I’m used to poverty, so why should I be scared of being poor again? Now, I make sure that I plan my siblings’ insurance and focus on my investments.]

Seth is a role model for young people who aspire to achieve their dreams. He is not only a talented actor, but also a smart and generous farmer.

Sally Mae

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