Sold 4K in 6 Weeks—How a Small Business Thrive in Time of the Pandemic

There are those who believe that starting a business at the time of the pandemic is a not-so-wise decision. However, there are also those who braved the odds and emerged successfully. Among the successful risk-takers are Nicole and Neven, the two founders of Kuya Crepes. Theirs is a food business selling traditional crepes online which managed to sell 4,000 pieces of crepes in a span of six weeks.

It all started with the urge to help the frontliners who are battling the pandemic. They sent them crepes—easy to eat, filling, and delicious.

They did and received a lot of positive feedback from doctors, nurses, other hospital staff, as well as from other persons who tasted it.

Soon they found themselves receiving orders from those who have tried their crepes so they can also send it to their loved ones. They obliged and more orders have started coming in.

With limited supplies and limited delivery personnel, the two started sending out their customers’ orders. In less than two weeks, they were able to sell 500 crepes.

Orders kept coming and in six weeks, they already sold 4,000 pieces of crepes.

The Secret Ingredient

Blending the traditional French method of making crepes and adding Filipino ingredients into the mix is not the only factor that hastened the success of Kuya Crepes.

For the duo, offering good customer service is one of the most important factors considering that they only get to transact with their customers online.


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OUR CRÊPES STORY. This is an endeavor born out of this pandemic. It started as an initiative to help in our own little way. We wanted to ease the pain of our frontliners of not having the time to eat. WHAT IF WE SEND THEM CRÊPES ? It is easy to eat, filling and not to mention yummy! And so we did. Surprisingly, we get a lot of positive feedback from the doctors, nurses, staff and others who’ve tasted it. We were hidden with our code name: KUYA CRÊPES. We find the name funny and we initially wanted to be anonymous too. 😁 As days pass by, we are getting requests from the doctors, nurses and staff to sell the crepes so they can start sending care packages to their loved ones as well. Eventually, we obliged. Soon, friends started inquiring and asking us for orders too. So from our crêpes wrapped only in aluminum foil and sent for donations, here we are with 2000+ of boxes already to meet our demands. We have sold 500 crepes in less than two weeks from home! Our only goal is to give you simple joy during this difficult time through our authentic French crêpes. Who knows…this funny name “Kuya Crêpes” could stay for a while. On vierra bien. Merci beaucoup ! 🙂 #crepe #crepes #french #frenchfood #foodstagram #foodieph #foodie #covid19 #covid19stories

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The second key to their success is their high regard for the quality of their product. They made sure that they were offering something unique and will potentially be in high demand.

“Focus on food quality and your customers will keep coming back,” they said.

Lastly, good marketing is also an important factor in their success. Most online businesses thrive through the creative marketing of their products on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

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