“Squid Game” Cryptocurrency Sells Out in 1 Second, Skyrockets Over 75,000% in Under a Week

Did you know that there’s a new cryptocurrency called SQUID that was inspired by the amazingly popular Korean series on Netflix, “Squid Game”? The good news is that it skyrocketed to over 75,000% in less than a week!

The bad news? Well, it’s currently no longer available for new investors because the cryptocurrency had supposedly “sold out in 1 second”, its developers claimed.

 “Squid Game” Phenomenal Success

The South Korean show “Squid Game” was so successful that it’s currently the highest viewed show on Netflix. It quickly broke the record of several internationally popular shows.

The show has inspired several businesses to open restaurants with a similar theme or selling various “Squid Game” merchandise.

There are even some ambitious people or groups that claimed they will do their version of the game, but a toned down, mild version that doesn’t permanently eliminate losing players.

SQUID Cryptocurrency: Play “Squid Game” to Earn

The show has apparently inspired the SQUID cryptocurrency where investors can play games to earn more money. Because it’s patterned for the show, the games that players can try are those that are on Squid Game, too.

The more people join, the larger reward pool will be. More importantly, we do not provide deadly consequences apparently! Your experience will only reflect on the joy of winning rewards and sorrow of losing money when the game failed,” the developers promised.

The online games will be played using SQUID cryptocurrency for entry fees – and the prices are most certainly going to be in SQUID, too. Note that 10% of the entry fees will go to the developers while the rest of the money goes into the reward pool.

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But investing now will be more difficult because the developers claimed that it was sold out in 1 second. Pre-sales were supposed to start last October 20.

The lucky ones who got to invest were able to see sky-high increases as SQUID started trading at 1.2 cents but surged to $9.53 or over 70,000% in just a few days.

Were you able to buy a SQUID?

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