SSS-UMID Replacement Fee Lowered By 33%

The Unified Multi-purpose Identification card was launched by the state-run Social Security System (SSS) to give their members an ID that can be used for several transactions and purposes.

Emmanuel Dooc, the president and chief executive officer of SSS, confirmed through PhilStar that they will be lowering the replacement fee for the UMID.

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By Social Security System (Philippines), Public Domain, Link

For the members who lost their UMID or those who opt to change their old SSS ID to the new one, they will be paying only P200, instead of the P300 fee before.

“We are happy to announce to our members that the proposal to reduce the replacement fee to P200 was already approved by the Social Security Commission headed by chairman Amado Valdez,”

The decrease in rate was based on SSC Resolution No. 604-s.2017, the reason behind the commission’s approval for the reduction of the UMID replacement fee is that the cost of data capture and the card production with the ID card provider has also decreased.

According to Dooc, based on the SSS Office Order 2017-066, the fee reduction was implemented on December 11, 2017.

Aside for those who opt to change their old IDs and those who lost theirs, this reduction also applies to those who wish to have amendments in their identification cards.

Based on SSS Office Order 2017-067, the reduced fee shall be charged for the replacement of the UMID card or old SSS ID due to correction or change of name, correction of date and place of birth, gender, replacement of old or damaged card, change of home address, updating of member photo and change of specimen signature that is printed on the card.

Dooc also reminded the members that those who are applying for the first time are not required to pay any amount.

Likewise, if the error of the card was on the part of the SSS, then the member will not be charged.

Source: PhilStar

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