Student Starts Business While Studying, Now has 30 Resellers as She Graduates from College

A student starts business while studying, and has impressed everyone now that she has 30 resellers as she graduates from college.

Student Starts Business While Studying

It was even before the COVID-19 pandemic that Raliane Gail Perez started selling desserts after she tasted a tita’s delicious creations.

She first started selling to her group of friends but also began letting her classmates and other schoolmates taste the delicious treats to get orders.

Soon, their classmates also began buying from Raliane – and some even asked if they could resell her products.

student starts business
Photo credit: Philippine Star

She used her profits to support herself in school and even provide for their family’s needs because her dad was the only one working. Although she’s the only child, having the extra income was already a big help for her family.

When the pandemic began, schools were closed and people weren’t allowed to go out as often as they wanted. Raliane was diagnosed with anxiety disorder due to the quarantine – and selling became one of the outlets she had to help deal with her condition.

A financial management student, she took what she learned from school to grow her business.

Because she couldn’t sell in school, Raliane began selling online. Although it took some time before she finally got her customer base, she soon grew her business and started having resellers.

By December 2021, she already has a steady customer base and resellers. As she graduates from her course in July 2022, she’ll be finishing her studies with a business that has 30 resellers! Isn’t that amazing?

student starts business
Photo credit: Philippine Star

She plans to continue growing her business even after graduation, and also help others open their business.

Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Una pag aralan niyo muna ‘yung product, second mahalin niyo dapat magtiwala kayo sa sarili niyo kasi hindi sa lahat ng panahon malakas ‘yung benta eh. Dapat dedicated kayo sa ginagawa niyo kasi may times na matumal,” she advised.

How to Grow Your Customer Base

  • Take care of your customers and make them feel welcome. Satisfied customers will repeatedly come back.
  • Use social media.
  • Think big and think outside the box to see how you can welcome new customers.
  • Learn from the competition but also find other ways to promote your business.
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