Students Save Money as Class Project to Learn about Financial Literacy

A group of students was recently featured on CFO PESO SENSE after they saved money for a class project to learn about financial literacy even at their young age. Their photos went viral, with netizens praising their teacher for the life lesson.

In a post on CFO PESO SENSE, a Filipino financial literacy page, the teacher shares photos of the students and their respective ‘ipon’ (savings).

Ipon Challenge

The post read:


Flex ko lang ng co-teacher ko advocating thriftiness among her pupils💕

Mga Ka-PESO yan po ay nung 1st quarter meron kmi topic sa filipino ng pagsunod sa panuto, paggawa ng alkansya gawa sa recycle materials tulad ng basyo ng polbo alcohol, kahon ng sapatos, etc tas babalutan nla ng lumang gift wrapper or pwd colored paper, integration ay arts subject.

Tas tinuloy n nmin pag iipon piso piso or khit mgknu pg sobra ang baon nla, yn dpt ay bubuksan nla nung dec before christmas party kso ayaw nla at kakaunti pa, tas knna bubuksan n dw nla at first Friday, gusto daw nila na magkaroon ng souvenir. TY PESO SENSE.

– Jeanne B. Olavire

Grade 3 teacher of Roosevelt ES, San Vicente Gumaca Quezon

Photo credit: CFO PESO SENSE / Jeanne B. Olavire – Facebook

Financial Literacy

While the kids didn’t really save a lot of money, this is quite understandable as they are only saving part of their allowance. Considering that this is a public school, the kids probably have a meager allowance, but this did not stop from taking part of the class challenge as they did their best to save money.

Despite not having a lot of money, the kids are able to learn about financial literacy by budgeting their meager allowance to make sure they still have some savings left. The actual amount of their savings is really just a bonus because the learning experience here is the most important thing.

Habit of Saving

Thanks to their class savings project, these kids are starting to develop the habit of saving. While they might not yet save a lot, this is already a very important financial skill to learn.

The habit of saving is good so that they can have something to look forward to in the future.

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