How to Succeed at Freelancing Even with a Full-time Job

Freelancing is one of the ‘in’ thing these days – and you probably know at least a couple of your friends who are ‘full-time freelancers’! But how do you navigate the freelancing world if you have a full-time job?

First of all, you have to set your priorities right. After all, your full-time job could be your major bread-and-butter; thus, you have to make sure that the freelance jobs you take won’t interfere with the full-time career.

This means that when you are at your full-time job, give that job your 100%! But what happens if you have to attend meetings [virtual meetings, perhaps] on your freelance job/s? Well, you have to be honest to your freelance boss that you do have a full-time job. Chances are, they know that – and would take your full-time schedule into consideration when requesting time for meetings.


Second, make sure that you also give your freelance job your 100%. While you can’t, as of now, prioritize your freelance job, you have to make sure that you do your best at the work you are doing so that your freelance boss wouldn’t mind having to schedule their hours to work with your available hours!

Third, learn to manage your time. Easier said than done, of course, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to allocate enough time for your freelance jobs and even still manage to have time for yourself and your family!

Remember to set aside time for rest, of course – you’re not a superhero! The money you earn from all your jobs might not be enough if you get sick from getting too overworked!

Lastly, acknowledge your limitations. Don’t accept too many jobs that you can’t handle. While getting lots of freelance jobs could mean more income for you, the quality of your work could suffer or you might not meet your deadlines! That could harm your online reputation and lead to less work in the future.

Good luck on your freelancing jobs!

Joy Adalia

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