Teko Enables Appliance Technicians to Become ‘Solo-preneurs’

Necessity, they say, is the mother of innovation. Successful entrepreneurs were those who were able to spot these ‘needs’ and provide a solution, as well.

So, is the case of Teko. According to its CEO and co-founder Farah Barre, he conceived the idea of creating an online platform that lets homeowners and businesses conveniently request for appliance repairs with a broken fridge.

“Our fridge needed repairs, at that time, and I was surprised that for a country full of heavy internet-users, there were no online appliance repair services available, Barre recalled. The entrepreneur in him took this opportunity.

“I thought that if I cannot get a service that allows me to easily book online a reliable technician, I might as well create one,” he shares.


Image: Facebook/Teko.ph

Using his credit card, Farah launched Teko in Manila and teamed up with his co-founder, Chris Teodoro, to bring consumers a convenient and safe digital service to have their appliances repaired.

“In a nutshell, we are basically a company that is connecting homeowners and businesses with professional technician,” he says.

Opportunities for technicians, too

As the demand for their services increased, their business model also evolved. They provided the link between technicians and manufacturers that will provide consumers with a wider range of services.

Their partner-technicians were able to transition from being low-paying wage earners to becoming ‘sole-preneurs’.

Even during the time of strict lockdown, Teko was still able to provide convenience to homeowners and job opportunities for Filipinos, especially for those who lost their job because of the pandemic.


Image: Facebook/Teko.ph

They did not compete against manufacturers’ service centers, Instead, Farah and Chris presented Teko as the missing link they need in providing optimal aftersales services.

Currently, Teko is looking into expanding its services geographically so they could support more homeowners, businesses, and a bigger number of technicians.

“We are very customer-centric company, we really need to delight the customer’s convenience,” Farah says.

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