The Colorful Life Of Fanny Serrano: From An Apprentice To Becoming A Salon, Fashion, & Makeup Expert

Fanny Serrano has long achieved his dream of earning a big name in the salon business, makeup, and fashion industry. He even made a mark in showbiz, not just as a makeup artist to the stars but also as a talented artist.

The Colorful Life Of Fanny Serrano: From An Apprentice To Becoming A Salon, Fashion, & Makeup Expert
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In this report, we take a look at the colorful life of Fanny. From his years of being a young apprentice to becoming one of the Philippines’ pioneers in fashion and cosmetics.

Felix Fausto was born in Singalong Manila, but his friends call him “Fanny.” He has always loved making other people look good. Even when he was young, it was clear that he was good at fashion.

In the book GoNegosyo Celebrity edition, Fanny recalled that he enjoyed sketching and designing than going to school. Drawing and sketching became his passion even at a young age. Like any rags-to-riches story, he had to work early to help his family. He worked as an apprentice or a “shop boy” at a local salon in Paco, Manila, named Aure’s.

Since then, Fanny’s love for fashion and makeup grew. He was so good at doing what he loves that he started gaining the attention of celebrities and other big names in the showbiz industry. Fanny recalled that he got his big break when he was handpicked by the popular actress Celia Rodriguez to do her makeup.

Fanny ventured into the salon business with the help of a friend, Alex Muhlach. He lends him P85,000 as capital and an apartment unit. Because of his talent, Fanny Serrano Salon grew, expanded, and still thrives up to this day.

Fanny has always been proud of the team at his salons. He was quoted by Philstar saying, “I can boast of the level of excellence in the service that my artistic team has maintained for so many years.”

He was also able to build his own cosmetic line, Fanny Serrano Cosmetics, and even a clothing line called Fanny Serrano Couture. Fanny went into several more businesses, such as healthy mangosteen drinks. He also has his own haircare line, Fanny Serrano HairCare Line. Fanny also went into showbiz as an artist and a director in television and cinema.

Business Advice

He said that success is not just defined by skills or talent but by how you were able to build relationships along the way. Fanny said, “It’s not only the skill that’s needed in order to be successful but also your relationship with other people that you will be encountering as you go on through your journey towards success.”

In May 2022, Fanny passed away at the age of 72. He suffered a massive heart attack in 2021 and was said to have been on life support until he died.

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