The Popular Nanay Bebe’s Magic Water Proves That No Business Is Small If You Dream Big

A refreshing drink is always a good idea when you’re shopping around one of the busiest streets in Manila. But with so many choices to choose from, you’d be surprised that the popular go-to drink in Binondo is ice-cold clear water. But if it’s just plain iced water, then why is there a long queue of customers waiting for it? Because it’s no ordinary water! It’s the ‘legendary’ magic water of Nanay Bebe.

The Popular Nanay Bebe's Magic Water Proves That No Business Is Small If You Dream Big
Screengrab: Korina Sanchez Youtube channel

Nanay Bebe’s magic water is so popular that there’s always a long line of customers from all walks of life waiting to give it a try. It has been featured on several social news, food channels, vlogs, and many others. There are even those who try to recreate Nanay Bebe’s original recipe. So, what’s the story behind the success of Nanay Bebe’s magic water? We’ll find out more.

Priscilla Cornejo or popularly known as Nanay Bebe has been selling her magic water since 1980. Asked why people flock to her business, Nanay Bebe could only smile and say that it’s definitely her drink’s unique taste. “Siguro sa sarap,” she shared in a vlog via Korina Sanchez’s Youtube channel.

Nanay Bebe explained that her drink is not just ordinary cold water. It has clear gulaman, sugar, mineral water, and tons of ice. When the gulaman hits the ice, it tends to melt, creating the ‘magic water,’ that’ll surely quench your thirst. Nanay Bebe sells her magic water for P5 or P10 in small plastic bags, cups or some customers even bring their own Aquaflask or tumblers.

“Masarap kaya dinarayo ng maraming tao,” one customer commented.

Sharing her humble beginnings with Korina, Nanay Bebe grew up selling in the streets. At a young age, she would walk the streets selling corn. Her mother was hard on her, so she promised her young self that when she becomes a mother, she would do everything for her children.

“Pinangako sa sarili ko na kapag ako nag-asawa at nagka-anak, gusto ko magaan ang kanilang buhay,” she said.

The Popular Nanay Bebe's Magic Water Proves That No Business Is Small If You Dream Big
Screengrab: Korina Sanchez Youtube channel

This motivated Nanay Bebe to work harder in life. Working everyday selling her magic water, Nanay Bebe has come a long way. Don’t underestimate Nanay Bebe’s small stall because it has changed her family’s life for the better. According to her, her magic water business has helped her build her own house, and sent her children to school. Because of her hard work, she said she’s proud she was able to buy the things she wanted in life.

Despite her age, Nanay Bebe said she has no plans of slowing down her business. This time, she wants to save for her retirement.

“Siyempre lahat ng bagay may hirap. Hindi pwede walang hirap. Meron akong pangarap sa buhay. Makaipon para pagtanda ko meron akong dudukutin,” she shared in a vlog on GMA’s Dapat Alam Mo.

“Dito ako nakilala eh, kailangan dito din ako,” she added.

Nanay Bebe’s determination to succeed is truly inspiring. Her business proves that no business is small if your dreams are big! A refreshment business may seem small but it’s definitely a great business idea. A samalamig business owner shared that he can earn as much as P35,000 a weekly.

You can watch the vlog of Rated Korina via Korina Sanchez’s Youtube channel:

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