This Artsy Creative Pastillas Business Earns Over P300K Per Week

Would you believe a pastillas business can earn P300,000 a week? This humble candy we enjoyed when we were kids has ‘leveled up’ to become a trending sweet delight.

Image by Candydo Sweet Goods via Facebook

When we think of pastillas, we imagine the soft, milky candy that melts in our mouth. True to her name, Candy of Candydo Sweet Goods makes these cute, artsy little pastillas.

Mini pizzas, sushi, mini burgers, little cactus, looked like little clay toys played by kids. But these are actually yummy pastillas candies! Such a creative way to elevate a common Pinoy candy.

According to Candy, she felt a bit anxious when the pandemic happened. She was worried it might slow down her then blooming business. But with the right mindset, Candy was also to turn things around to her favor. She took advantage of the pandemic to start selling online. This paved the way for her to earn more customers and resellers.

“Tingnan ko ang krisis nato with positivity,” she shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Since Candy had been selling her pastillas online, she has been exceedingly successful. Every week, they make 15,000 to 18,000 packs of pastillas. She earns over P300,000 a week. She was able to help build their family’s 3-storey house.

Images by Candydo Sweet Goods via Facebook

According to Candy, innovation was really her key to success. “One of the strengths ng aming business ay we offer extraordinary pastillas. We offer pastillas plus art. We make it, innovate yung tagpi-pisong pastillas na binibili natin nung bata pa tayo. Na-come up namin na to make it more interesting,” Candy shared.

Another proof that innovation and creativity can go a long way in making your business idea successful.

Image by Candydo Sweet Goods via Facebook

How to Make Candy’s Pastillas

We still use the traditional ingredients of pastillas. We have sugar, condensed milk, and skim milk. Candy claims her special ingredient is powdered milk.

So, she begins by mixing the powdered milk in a bowl with skim milk and condensed milk. Make sure not to put too much condensed milk because your pastillas will be too soft. Add sugar and mix until you get the right consistency.

Here is the part where you get creative. You use food coloring to help you make fancy designs to your pastillas. Candy makes mini burger-shaped pastillas, sushi-looking pastillas and more.

Sally Mae
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