Tiktok’s #NegosyoRecipes Helps Mom Earn Thousands Weekly

Five years ago, 25-year-old mother, Ian Russel started selling baked goodies to earn additional income. However, she decided to quit her job as her business grew so she can devote more time to it.

“At first, I was selling random items like makeup, skincare, etc. Then, when people who tasted my cooking started to ask how they can order food for events, I started selling food and joining bazaars,” Ian said.

She shares that for this year, the most she made was around P20,000 for a week’s income.


“I sold about 480 pieces of cakes in tubs which cost around P120 to P150 each. The least I made was around P5,000 for one week,” she further shares.

And then, the pandemic came

When community quarantine was implemented all over the country, Ian’s business has to stop for a while, as well.

“I decided to pause for a moment since I have a child at home and I don’t want to risk our health and safety for a couple of thousand pesos,” Ian explains.

To lessen boredom, she downloaded the TikTok app. Through her account, @russelfoodstory, she made random dance and dubbing videos. One day, she saw a cooking video on the video-sharing platform. That’s when she made videos of herself preparing and cooking food.


As she gradually earns viewers, she thought of helping aspiring bakers and business owners by sharing her tried and tested products, videos of which come with a hashtag #negosyorecipe.

Her first TikTok #negosyorecipe, making banana bread, currently has 98,000 views. She takes note of her viewers’ requests for more trending and easy-to-do recipes.

TikTok certainly helped her business gain more customers but Ian never stopped advertising her products through other means. When it comes to advertising, she has this advice for start-up entrepreneurs— “Join buy and sell groups or download buy and sell apps. This will help a lot especially when you’re just starting”.

Featured image: Instagram @russelfoodstory

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