Entrepreneur Shares How To Start Successful ‘Tinapang Manok’ Business

An entrepreneur in Bulacan shared his success story in building his ‘tinapang manok’ business.

Vincent Anthony Cajepe of Bulacan Tinapang Manok said that he started his business using the ‘ayuda’ or the financial assistance he got during the height of the pandemic. He couldn’t find any work at that time, so he risked the little P2,000 money he had to venture into business.

Entrepreneur Shares How To Start Successful 'Tinapang Manok' Business
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Wala na akong work na pwedeng pasukan kaya naisip ko yung last P2,000 sa pera ko is ipasok ko sa negosyo. Isugal ko na kasi wala akong pera mambayad ng bills ko, “Vincent shared on Pera Paraan.”

Because there’s tough competition in online selling, Vincent thought of something unique to sell. He came up with ‘tinapang manok.’According to Vincent, he spends P165 per tinapang manok and sells it for P250 to P300.

Vincent shared that his key to success was hardwork and determination. He admitted that online selling isn’t as easy as it sounds because there’s so much competition. You need to be creative and hardworking to make it big.

He said his biggest challenge was when he had to start introducing his product since people weren’t familiar with ‘tinapang manok.’ He persevered and posted on Facebook groups and pages to market his product.

Because of his ‘tinapang manok’, Vincent was able to buy a car and motorcycles for delivery. He was also able to help his family with their bills and provide for their needs and wants.

As Vincent proved, having a unique and creative product will help ensure success in your business. If you have a business idea in mind, try to find out if it is a good business idea based on experts’ advice.

Entrepreneur Shares How To Start Successful 'Tinapang Manok' Business
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

How to Make Tinapang Manok

Prepare the ingredients: salt, pepper, Vincent’s special sauce, ground ‘dahon ng laurel’, star anise, water, and 1 whole chicken. Also, prepare ground rice for the smoking process.

In a big pan, pour the water and put in the whole chicken. Pour in the special sauce and the rest of the spices and seasonings. Rub the marinade into the chicken thoroughly. Then, close the pan and start cooking the chicken with the marinade for 25 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked, let it rest for around 2 minutes before starting the curing and smoking process.

You can improvise and use cooking pans if you don’t have a smokehouse. Place aluminum foil in the bottom of the pan and a small rack for the chicken to rest on. Don’t forget to stuff the aluminum foil with ground rice. Put the heat on high for 5 minutes. This will be enough to smoke your tinapang manok. Check if your chicken has turned to golden brown color, which is Tinapa’s signature color.

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