Top Features Clients Look for in a Co-Working Space

Thinking of opening a co-working space business? If there’s a market for co-working spaces in your area, especially if freelancers, independent contractors, and students abound, then this business is actually a great one to open.

But take note of these features that clients look for in a co-working space; after all, the key to succeeding in this business is in attracting clients who will become regulars.

High-speed Internet Access

More often than not, your clients are looking for a place where they can do their work as quickly as they could, with high-speed internet access they can easily connect to.

Invest in the fastest internet speed, with unlimited data cap. If possible, you can install at least two connections from different internet service providers to ensure there will never be downtime for your clients.

Workplace Ambiance

Take note that people are here to work, not to play. Perhaps they want some space for chit-chatting but most would prefer a quiet place to work. Space out the work stations to ensure privacy for your clients but also provide rooms for meetings or for taking calls.

Well-Provided Amenities

Your clients dare likely to spend hours inside your co-working space. Thus, you should provide them with the amenities they needed, including ample outlets for charging their gadgets, wireless internet access, and a snack bar so they don’t have to get out to grab some food when they get hungry.

A lot of freelancers will tell you that the free-flowing brewed coffee at the co-working spaces they frequent is one of the deciding factors for them to choose the office.

Don’t forget to provide printers, scanners, and other office-related items.

Comfortable Work Stations

Your clients are here to work – so you’d best provide them with a workspace where they are comfortable.

Because different people have different preferences, you might want to diversify your workspaces. You can put regular desks and computer chairs in one area, then spread out sofas with low tables in another.

You don’t have to stick to the regular work stations – this is a co-working space, after all. Have fun decorating the office with bean bags, hammocks, and other quirky spots that make your co-working space not just a great place for working but also for hanging out.

Joy Adalia
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