6 Trending Products To Sell Online In the Philippines

E-commerce is such a big market that it’s easy to get confused about what products or items to sell online. Almost every month, a product goes viral and everyone wants to get their hands on it. But then, the fad wanes and everyone is again looking for the next trending product. However, there are specific products that never “go out of style” and continually have a huge demand.

6 Trending Products To Sell Online In the Philippines
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In this article, we’ll go through the 6 trending products that you can sell online. The list is based on Philippine Google Trends and Oberlo, the dropshipping app for AliExpress suppliers. Dropshipping is considered one of the easiest ways to start an online business. If you’re interested, you can start learning how to start a dropshipping business in the Philippines.

6 Trending Products to Sell Online

1. Fashion Items & Clothes

Men’s and women’s clothing and fashion accessories are regarded as the most marketable items online across the globe. Based on Google Trends, men’s shoes are most marketable during December, but demand continues to grow all year round.

For women, office clothes peak all throughout the year. During the summer season, the trending items for women are head scarves and swimsuits. Meanwhile, jeans like straight-leg denim and boyfriend jeans are skyrocketing in popularity throughout the year.

2. Hair Removal Products

Based on Google Trends, searches for hair removal products are among the top searches every year. Women are conscious of their body hair, so this is one of those trending products that won’t go away anytime soon.

3. Weight Loss Products

Filipinos are crazy about weight loss products, so there is always a high demand for these products. Nearing the holiday season or December, there’s an increase in searches for slimming teas, coffees, drinks, and so many other supplements. By around early January, there’s an increase in demand for fitness and exercise equipment. The most marketable items are often related to “abs”, such as the abdominal crunch straps.

4. Phone Cases

Through the years, “phone cases” have remained a popular Google Trend search. Recently, there’s been a high demand for silicone phone cases more than any other type of phone case. The good thing is that there are always new styles and trends in phone cases, which makes this niche a good one to sell in.

5. Skin Care Products

Like weight loss, Filipinos are also always on the lookout for the best skin care products. From rejuvenating sets, retinol kits, acne care, and many others, there’s always something for everyone in this market.

6. Kitchenware & Homeware

Trending products for kitchens and homes are also popular items to sell online. Items like the sweeping machine, reusable bags, air fryers, and tea accessories are among the top online searches for kitchen and homewares.

Online selling is a good way to venture into business. There’s no easy to ensure its success but there are steps that you can take to guide it towards success. Among the tips on how to start a successful online store is to know the right products to sell.

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