Two Sisters Turned a Mother’s Day Surprise into a Business

With the quarantine restrictions and most food establishments inaccessible, most Filipino went craving for sweet baked goodies. In turn, some enterprising Filipinos filled this demand by venturing into the food business that they operate online. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

When 18-year-old Angelica Salac baked her mom’s favorite, Brazo de Mercedes, it became an instant hit in their household. This is when she and her older sister, Monica, got the idea to turn this into business and earn additional income during the time of the pandemic.

During that time, 22-year-old Monica used to work with a restaurant under a no-work, no-pay scheme for three months already. According to her, she only gets paid for the few hours that she has to work when her employer assigns her something to do.


Image: Facebook/Nics&Geli

With Monica’s training in the food business and Angelica’s innate talent for baking, the two sisters started their online baking business which they called ‘Nics&Geli’. They market their products using social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

On the grind

They find it difficult, at first.

“It was very tiring on the first day. We decided to collect all the orders, mostly from family and friends, and processed them in just one day,” Monica said.

“We got really overwhelmed. We were baking from morning until night and had to alternate in using just one oven for all orders,” she added.

They were able to sell around 50 boxes during their first day of operations. Since then, they already sold about 500 boxes in August. The sisters have also expanded their product line.


Image: Facebook/Nics&Geli

“We already have a lot of returning customers who order when they have events or celebrations at home or even if they are just craving for something,” Monica shares.

Monica and Angelica were already thinking of how they can continue with their business, once things get back to normal.

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