Ways To Properly Track Your Expenses

Time and time again, we keep on telling ourselves that we need to start saving. But what is it about saving and being wise about money that makes it so hard?

Despite the fact that a lot of people a slowly being financially conscious, there are still those who live from paycheck to paycheck.

Track Expenses

To be able to change this, they have to take the step and start tracking their expenses, so they can adjust what they spend much on and eventually save. Here are some ways in which you can properly track your expenses.

Envelope System

The envelope system is a kind of budgeting system where you have different envelopes for each type of expenses. Every payday, you budget a certain amount for each envelope, and you can’t spend the contents of another envelope other than what it is meant for. This will keep you from spending money that is out of your budget.

Excel Spreadsheet

If you want to have automatic formulas where you will just enter your earnings and everything can be laid out to you, you can use an excel sheet with formulas so you can stay up to date with your expenses. You can download ready-made budget excel sheets or you can create one yourself.


For those who prefer to handwrite, you’ll be more comfortable tracking your expenses with a ledger or any notebook. Just make sure that you write religiously and don’t let a day pass without tracking your budget. Keep it somewhere only you can access.

Smartphone App

There are several smartphone apps that you can download and use for your budget. Since your smartphone is most definitely with you all the time, you can download an app to automatically track what you spend throughout the day and when you get home, you can transfer the data to your preferred method.

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