What’s in a Name? 7-Evelyn Store Goes Viral with Clever Name and Logo

In business, choosing the name and logo is very important because this could often determine the success of your store! But what if you tweak a popular name and create one similar but still different from the popular brand? Would that also make a difference?

Take for example 7-Eleven, one of the most popular (if not the most popular) convenience stores across the world. It’s a brand that no longer requires advertising these days, really.

Photo credit: Chad Gray Jet Pazaol / Facebook

But some clever minds thought it would be hilarious to name their store using the 7-Eleven name and logo, with a bit of a twist. Using the brand’s original logo of a green square bordered in white trim, these guys named their store as “7 EVELYN”. The “EVELYN” part is painted in similar font and color as the original logo, set over a colorful number “7”, with the backdrop of a white cup shape.

Aside from the huge logo printed on top of the store, which was actually a small sari-sari store, the gutter was painted in striped colors similar to the ones used by 7-Eleven in all its convenience stores. At first glance, one might really think this is a real 7-Eleven store – at least, when you look at the logo and the gutter.

Photo credit: Calvin Pasaol Carlson / Facebook

Of course, it was obvious from the sari-sari store’s appearance that the guys behind the clever name just wanted to have fun. Netizens loved the picture, with many joking that they also want to get a franchise of this ‘new’ store.

Even the store owner, Evelyn Pasaol, had a good laugh as she shared the post. But it seems that the real 7-Eleven was not happy about the viral post.

Calvin Pasaol Carlson would later share an update, claiming that someone from 7-Eleven arrived at their store and told them to replace the signage. Netizens are unsure whether to laugh or cry over the brand’s response over the sari-sari store’s use of their name and logo, but many are hoping they won’t file a case against the store as they were really just having fun, obviously.

Photo credit: Calvin Pasaol Carlson / Facebook

According to Calvin, with their store name and logo gone, they welcome suggestions on what to use next… We all know it’s partly a joke but what can you suggest?

Just in case you wish to franchise the real 7-Eleven, click here.

What’s a Logo?

A logo is a symbol that’s often made up of a text or letter/number and image that would represent a certain brand. Sometimes, it can actually just be a single letter or symbol, yet the brand is so popular that everyone would recognize it even with that single emblem.

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