Who is Dave Almarinez in the Philippines?

Dave Almarinez was thrown to the limelight recently after marrying Pinay actress Ara Mina, Hazel Pascual Reyes-Almarinez in real life. So, many were curious who could this man be? Who is Dave Almarinez in the Philippines?

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From Political Science Graduate to Businessman

Dave Almarinez is more than just Ara Mina’s husband. He’s actually the President and CEO of PITC (Philippine International Trading Corporation).

Reports are conflicting but he is said to be worth around $20 million (Php1 billion) by some estimates.

So, how did he become so rich?

Almarinez wasn’t born with a golden spoon in his mouth. In fact, his family was poor. Back when he was still in school, the young Almarinez sold various snack items such as peanuts and corncobs so he’ll have some allowance to use for his daily needs.

He graduated with a degree in Political Science at the (FEU) Far Eastern University.

As you can recall from our previous article, Almarinez became a businessman after losing his passport in Singapore. The person who found his passport introduced him to direct selling – and this is where he would soon build his fortune.

He gave up his stable job to open a business. At first, there were plenty of challenges for Almarinez, but this first company named Nature’s Sunshine would grow to become Synergy. The company grew exponentially.

Almarinez would also venture into the global gourmet coffee industry, opening his direct selling company called Organo Gold. The business is such a huge success that he’s now the Regional Vice President for Organo Gold in the Philippines as well as other places in Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong.

High-Society Wedding

There’s no question that Almarinez is famous in the business world, but his fame extended to showbiz due to his relationship with Ara Mina. Their fairytale wedding impressed netizens.

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