Why This Fried ‘Epalog’ Store In Taytay Is So Popular That It Sells 2,000 Eggs In A Day

Have you heard of fried epalogs? If not, you’re definitely missing out! This popular streetfood is like “kwek-kwek,” but bigger. It’s hard-boiled eggs that are dipped in orange colored batter, deep fried, and served with sauce.

Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

Since it began in 1987, JLa’s Epalog in Taytay, Rizal, claims to be the “home of the original epalog.” In a video by Manuel Olazo via Youtube, he had a short interview with JLa, the daughter of the original owners of popular “epalogan.” According to JLa, the name “hepa log” came from the color of the eggs, which is akin to the orange skin of those who have hepatitis. Later, they stopped using the negative connotation and started using “epalog.”

Asked the secret to their business success, JLa said people flock to their store because their epalogs are affordable and delicious. They even give away free “epalog skin” or the crispy fried breading, to customers. They sell their epalog for P15.

And because Pinoys truly love street foods, it’s no wonder that epalog is also such a big hit. Don’t underestimate their humble eggs because their store can sell as many as 2,000 eggs a day! They are also open from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening.

“Minsan po kapag Sunday nakaka-50 trays. Hindi po pare-pareho,” she said.

Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

The food vlogger explained, “Medyo humble lang si maam. Pero ang balita ko umaabot sila ng 2,000 eggs a day.”

Loyal customers who visit the store every day say they love that the street food is filling, yummy, and cheap.

Street foods are really close to the Pinoys’ hearts. There have been many inspiring success stories of how street foods have changed the lives of their business owners. An entrepreneur shared how he was able to find success in his unli-street food business. Even as far as New York, street foods such as Isaw are making a scene. As far as London, a Pinoy built a street food business to serve Pinoys abroad.

Since a street food business is easy to start, there are also many competitors. It’s now up to you to innovate and set your business apart from others.

You can watch the video by Manuel Olazo via Youtube:


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