With A Capital of P3,000, Healthy Chips Business Now Earning P120K A Month

As the pandemic continues, many people have turned to healthy food options. So, it’s no wonder that foods offered as healthy alternatives are a big hit. Bing Angeles of Farm Delights Healthy Chips took this opportunity to build a business making healthy chips.

healthy chips
Image by Farm Delights Healthy Chips via Facebook

According to Bing, she wanted to make healthy chips for senior citizens. She believes that the elderly can still enjoy chips for snacks if it is made out of nutritious vegetables.

Being admitted that that the success of her business was unexpected. She shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan, “Noon, tinutulungan po ako ng iba’t ibang agencies. Nakita po namin na tanggap po sa market kasi madalas mga buyers ko mga mommies.”

Bing was able to successfully expand her business. From a one-man team, she now has 14 employees working for her in meeting the demand. From her initial capital of P3,000, Bing’s healthy veggie ships gives her an income of P120,000 a month.

Aside from their best seller kalabasa chips they also offer different flavors such ampalaya, lagundi, carrot, luyang dilaw chips onion, banaba, sambong, garlic, and malunggay.

Bing’s inspiring story reminds us the importance of innovation and finding new products to sell. Instead of settling for something popular, you can look for a unique product that people will be curious about.

healthy chips
Image by Farm Delights Healthy Chips via Facebook

How to make kalabasa chips

You begin with kalabasa or squash, wheat flour, iodized salt, ground black pepper and cooking oil. Grind the kalabasa or squash in a food processor or blender.

Then add the wheat flour and salt and pepper to taste. A little water so you can properly mix the dough period. We won’t be using too many ingredients because we want to keep it simple and no additives.

You can continue mixing the dough until you notice that it has completely absorbed the water. You have a firm and solid kalabasa dough. Slice the dough as if you are cutting a loaf of bread. Coat the dough in flour before flattening it using a rolling pin or rolling pin machine. Now, you have thin kalabasa chips.

You can now start frying them in cooking oil until crispy.

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