Woman behind Ryx Skincerity Shares Hardship before Reaching Success

Every success starts with a dream. Nourish that dream with passion and determination and your achievement will soon bloom before your very eyes.

Rica Detiquez, the brains behind the local skincare line, Ryx Skincerity, recently shared on Facebook the inspiring story before she got into where she is right now. She said that she is posting her story not to brag, but to inspire.

Ryx Skincerity

Photo credit: Facebook/Rica Detiquez

It all started after her college graduation. Back then, she was so excited to work because she felt that, finally, she could buy everything that her family wants.

She got her first paycheck, but she got disappointed when she found out that it is just enough for her needs and to contribute to the family expenses. The rest will be her savings. She’s lucky if there will be some amount left to buy herself something that she wants.

She tried to compute how many years it would take before she can finally buy a house and lot; treat her siblings; and make ends meet.

She also wondered how can other employees were able to buy themselves a house and a car and asked herself how many years did she saved for such.

Realizing that she still has a far way to go, she prayed to the Lord and surrendered all her plans.

She worked as a reseller to her mother who is also an online seller. It took a lot of patience and hard work. She would come to the office carrying paper bags that contain her clients’ orders. She kept on posting her items, patiently replying to all queries, and keeping an excellent disposition despite not-so-good treatment from some customers.

Her biggest blessing yet

Rica was able to save enough amount to establish and start her business, Ryx Skincerity. This is the point where her life changed, and the rest is history.

She attributes her success to the Lord. Rica said that she held on to His promises and that He knew the desires of her heart.

Her only prayer, at the moment, is for her to become an instrument that will bring blessings to other people.

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