Woman Opens Ukay-Ukay Business, Now Owns Delivery Van and New House

They say that there’s no formula for success, but those who try their best can achieve their dreams. While it might not be true for all, that’s exactly what happened to one woman who opened an ukay-ukay business and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor with her own delivery van and a new house. Wow.

Finding Success in Ukay-Ukay Business

Rachel Lucanas graduated from the course of Bachelor in Elementary Education from Bulacan Agricultural State College. Though everyone expected her to be a teacher, exactly because she completed a degree in education, it was in the ukay-ukay business that she would later find her passion and success.

Photo credit: Rachel Lucanas / Newsthrilla

In her bid to expand her knowledge in this field, she’s now taking up Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Batangas.

Lucanas admitted that there were a lot of people who questioned her shift from being a teacher to an ukay-ukay seller.

College graduate ka naman, bakit mas pinili mo magtinda ng ukay?” people would often ask her.

Photo credit: Rachel Lucanas / Newsthrilla

But she didn’t let the negativity weigh her down. Instead, she used it as motivation to try harder.

She started with selling just one bundle of ukay-ukay clothes, becoming the model of her own shop. It was difficult for Lucanas, particularly because she didn’t have any previous experience with business and it’s not the field that she graduated from.

Photo credit: Rachel Lucanas / Newsthrilla

Yet she was soon able to roll her capital and buy more ukay-ukay bundles. Her regular customers grew and she would begin selling ukay-ukay by the bundle, not just by piece!

Although she had a lot of competition in this business, she’s now one of the distributors of ukay-ukay across the Philippines.

Photo credit: Rachel Lucanas / Newsthrilla

Thanks to this success in business, she was able to buy a new delivery van, a new house, and even has a warehouse for her ukay-ukay stocks.

She also expressed pride that she was able to give a job to some people who now help her with the business.

Kung may pangarap ka, wag mong intindihin ang sasabiin ng iba. Dahil ikaw ang tutupad sa pangarap mo hindi sila,” she advised.

She’s truly an inspiration.

Photo credit: Rachel Lucanas / Newsthrilla

Where to Buy Ukay-Ukay Bundles?

These days, it’s actually easy to buy ukay-ukay bundles. You can find many shops on online marketplace apps like Shopee, Lazada, and eBay. There are also plenty that sell on Facebook or even in your locality.

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