Work-at-Home Mom Earns P40K a Month from Cake Business

Framie Hollera-Jose started Hermanas Bakehub together with her sister, Ghea. She used to handle the branding and marketing of their products while Ghea would take care of the recipes and the aesthetics.

When Ghea pursued a different food business, Framie handled Hermanas Bakehub on her own. Good thing that she was able to take a short course on baking. She continued the operations of the cake business alongside her corporate job.

However, a medical condition and the desire to continuously breastfeed her son eventually made her decide to resign from her corporate job and go full time with the cake business.

Hermanas Cake Hub

Image: Facebook/Hermanas Bakehub

The challenges

It was not easy at the beginning. Framie had to do the mixes manually and on her own. She also had to personally deliver the cakes to ensure that they don’t break or get spoiled on the way. Though she was able to establish rapport with her clients, she can only take a few orders since she had to be out most of the time.

She also had to borrow money from relatives to buy equipment that will enable her to expand the business.

From one to two orders per week, Framie will earn P10,000 to P12,000. But after some time, she can accommodate 15 to 25 orders per month that will earn her P40,000 to P70,000. It was even higher during peak months like December when she would make more P100,000.

Hermanas Cake Hub

Image: Facebook/Hermanas Bake Hub

When the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was implemented in Metro Manila, Framie realized that people still celebrate special occasions and will always look for a cake. Though she had canceled orders at the start of the ECQ period, orders started to come in eventually.

Framie plans to put up a physical store, once this pandemic is over. But for now, she is planning to give an online baking class for moms and kids. Apart from that, she is also looking into working on a book where she can share everything she knew about baking.

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