Xian Gaza Launches His Own Premium Boutique Brand

More and more young people are being more “business-minded” nowadays. The entrepreneurial mindset is now being more prominent on our young people today.

Take this young entrepreneur for example. Xian Gaza had the makings of a successful businessman even from a young age.

At 11, he started using his daily allowance and his savings to start his own hamster and guinea pig business by renting a space in a pet shop in front of their school. From P100 a day allowance, plus his P6,000 savings, he was able to rent a space and provide food and vitamins for his pets.

He handled all the logistics and was able to increase his net income to P9,000. A really amazing feat for an 11-year-old.

Just like a wise businessman, of course, he didn’t stop there, now on his 20’s, Gaza just launched his new company. This time a premium online boutique he named “Xhoppes.”


Just like how he was able to grow his business from scratch, we all know that Gaza is on his way to success.

With the mindset and the skills that he has acquired from his early business endeavors, this young man is surely someone to look out for.

Xhoppes is a clothing line geared to the premium market. You know how this goes; when Gaza puts his mind on it, he sure is going to get it.

Xhoppes by Xian Gaza is a premium online boutique operated by Guanxiqian Trading under the ‘XIAN GAZA’ brand—duly owned by Xian S. Gaza.

Xhoppes has an Instagram account where you can see all the merchandise and clothing. Follow them at www.instagram.com/xhoppes

He also left the email address of the shop, for inquiries or questions, send them an email at guanxiqian@gmail.com.