Yema Spread Business Turns Teen into a Millionaire Earning P500K a Month

A young lady named Micah Orca has impressed everyone with her own yema spread variety. Because of how good her products are, Micah’s Deli Spread earns over P500,000 a month.

Image by Pera Paraan on Facebook

Micah’s story of success began with a P500 capital and a lot of determination. Within a year of business, Micah’s yema spread has brought good fortune to her and their family. She now has many resellers that distribute her items far and wide. Because of her business’ success, Micah has reached her first million at a young age.

The young lady recalled that she was motivated to venture business when her father lost his job. She shared on GMA, “Nung naglockdown nawalan ng source of income and family ko. Nawalan ng trabaho ang father ko. Kaya as panganay, siyempre di ko kayang makita ganun ang family ko na wala kaming makain.”

Too young to be an entrepreneur?

Micah admitted that one of the hurdles she had to face was her young age. Many wouldn’t trust her because she is still young.

yema spread
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

She recalled, “Marami sa customers ko ang ayaw maniwala sa akin nung umpisa. Ayaw nila magtiwala sa akin dahil sa edad ko. Ang sabi nila, ‘Ang supplier ko bata?'”

But she thought of ways to earn her customers’ trust. “Nung nag-start ako, ayaw maparehas sa iba. Kaya nilagyan ko ng twist. Nilagyan ko ng iba’t ibang flavors yung yema spread na kilala natin,” she added.

Deli Spread earns success

Now, Deli Spread is proud to offer 8 varieties of its popular yema spread. Among its flavors include buko pandan, Butter Cookies, Cinnamon and many others. Each bottle is being sold for P100 to 120.

deli spread
Image by Deli Spreads via Facebook

Her business is only a year old but Micah has achieved so much. Before, she would walk to personally deliver her items. But now, she has bought her own delivery van. Her family is also very pleased because they will soon have their own place. From renting their house, Micah is now building their dream home.

Deli Spreads was awarded the “Best Quality Yema Spread Variety” by Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Award this year.

Sally Mae

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