How a Young Entrepreneur Used His Daily School Allowance to Start His First Business

What motivates young children to start their very own business while other kids their age are busy playing?

At a very young age Xian Gaza already had the makings of a successful businessman. Now the president and CEO of Hong Kong-based company Guanxiqian, the 24-year-old entrepreneur shared how he started his first business using his daily school allowance.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Xian Gaza

In his Facebook post, Gaza revealed he started his hamster and guinea pig breeding business using his P100- daily school allowance without his parents’ knowledge. Aside from his allowance, he also used his P6,000 savings kept at Banco Filipino Junior Savers Club, which were gifts he received for the past two Christmases.

Using all his pooled savings, Gaza rented out a 4-square meter space inside a pet shop located in front of his school to place his 6 cages where his breeders were domesticated. The young school boy strategically chose the location so that he can easily check his business after dismissal time.

It was a risky business move for a young boy who had to pay a monthly rental of Php 1,500 and allocate Php 2,500 for food and vitamins. Despite the risks, the young businessman persevered in order to sell his products and supply four pet shops in his hometown, Malabon City.

Gaza also personally handled the logistics of his business using his Japanese bicycle with a big basket in front.

Would you believe that by selling hamsters and guinea pigs, Gaza was able to make an average monthly net earnings of P9,000? Interestingly, he earned such figure at the age of 12.

So what really pushed him to start a business? Apparently, Gaza was inspired by his crushes.

“What is my greatest inspiration and motivation that time to be an entrepreneur at a very young age? My CRUSHES, to give all of them chocolates and a Bear Cuddler or a Blue Magic stuff toys. LIVER LOVER… BOY,” Gaza wrote.

Check out his full post below.

How a Young Entrepreneur Used His Daily School Allowance to Start His First Business
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Xian Gaza

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