3 Lessons From Nikki Valdez On Managing A Successful Cake Business

Nikki Valdez started her cake business, Miss Buttercream, back in 2015. Since then, she has been swamped with orders for different occasions and from people from different walks of life. Unfortunately, things took a turn when the pandemic came in 2020. Like many struggling bakers, Nikki took it as an opportunity to grow and learn.

3 Lessons From Nikki Valdez On Managing A Successful Cake Business
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Here are the business lessons we can learn from Nikki about how her cake business survived even during the challenging times.

1. Customer-First Policy

When many events were halted because of the pandemic, Nikki knew that she had to make major changes on how she does business. Many of her orders were already paid, but due to the restrictions, she couldn’t deliver her commitment. When worried on what to do, Nikki said she went back to Miss Buttercream’s customer-first policy.

“As for Miss Buttercream, I assured my client na intact naman ang contract namin because we all did not see this coming naman. Dapat kasi end contract na once the event is done, but since may pandemic, the contract of client with Miss Buttercream is still valid until such time that we can proceed with the event,” Nikki shared on Pep.

2. Find Ways

According to Nikki, there are really times when you are faced with a difficult task that doesn’t seem to have a solution. She shared about creating a cake during the height of the pandemic and how difficult it was to deliver due to the restrictions. Fortunately, everything worked well in the end, and she was able to make sure the cake arrived safely in Pangasinan.

Amid all the challenges, Miss Buttercream remained open during the pandemic. It was difficult, but Nikki took it as an opportunity. She accommodated online orders and there were many times she had to personally make the deliveries. “I had to come up with a solution that would not disappoint my client,” Nikki shared on her Facebook page.

3. Don’t Give Up

In the end, Nikki advises what other entrepreneurs would always tell other aspiring businessmen. She reminded them about the virtue of working hard and not giving up. She said there will be times you will fall but you just have to pull yourself up and tried again.

“Life was never meant to be easy; setbacks are inevitable but if you constantly teach yourself to find ways and not give up easily, you will surely rise after each fall,” Nikki said.

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