3 Tips to Grow Your Business, According to Dr. Vicki Belo

Without a doubt, Dr.  Victoria “Vicki” Belo is the most popular doctor-cum-businesswoman in the Philippines. Over the past decades, Belo worked her way to make her name synonymous with “beauty”.

Back in the days when many refused to talk about dermatological and cosmetic procedures out in the open, Belo found a way to change the country’s perception about it and bring dermatology out of the hospital. Believing that beauty should not be limited to people blessed with good genes, Belo tirelessly worked to introduce the benefits of aesthetic medicine.Through her efforts, our conservative society has become more receptive to procedures that enhance our physical assets.


To date, Belo Medical Group is the first ever and only Philippine medical-aesthetic clinic recognised and accredited National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) International. From a small clinic at the Medical Towers in Makai, Belo managed to expand her business by establishing 11 clinics in Metro Manila, one in Cebu and one in Davao.

Here are some tips to make your business grow, according to Belo.

1. Create brand awareness.

Through press releases, adverting campaigns and digital marketing, the Belo Medical group was able to create brand awareness.

“First is brand awareness. We used and maximized the power of PR (press relations) and advertising. That’s when we used ‘Thank You, Dr. Belo’ for our advertising campaigns. We also did a lot of digital marketing which has been a very good platform for exposure.”

2. Use brand ambassadors.

Have you been “Belo-fied”? The Belo Medical group makes it a point to hire today’s most popular celebrities to be their brand ambassadors.

“It was Belo who first introduced artistas (actors) to endorse our services, and we get those who really embody our brand which speaks of reliability,”

3. Develop brand loyalty.

The success of the Belo Medical group doesn’t solely rely on advertising campaigns. Aside from effective marketing, Belo Medical Group successfully created brand loyalty with the quality of service they deliver. As a result, the company gained “brand evangelists” who embody the values of Belo Medical Group.

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