4 Aspects In Your Business That Needs Technology’s Help

For small businesses, having small teams can be the life of their business. While the business is still small, it will be easy for the owner and the team to do everything manually. It might seem to be the best option but in reality, using technology for your business can help you save time.

In addition to that, when your business grows, you won’t have to worry about readjusting your routines to fit technology because you let your business grow with technology.

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Here are some programs that you can consider using with your team for better productivity and time management.

Team Collaboration

It’s hard to put everything into emails, it will be easy to lose track when you get tons of emails daily. Team collaboration apps are meant to show you the statuses of every project, who is in charge, what are the comments, and which projects need your attention.

Examples: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Teamwork

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Some team collaboration program already has their built-in chat system, but having a separate one where you can segregate each project as channels can be better. This will ensure that you only talk about the project in its channel, it will save you from a lot of back reading.

Examples: Slack, Teamwork

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Shared Folders

Instead of having to attach and email every file that you need to send across your team, you can use shared folder services where your files are saved in the cloud, and everyone in the team can access them and see the revisions made.

Examples: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

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Automating Software

In all our busy schedules, imagine having little robots that automate what you need to do and save you from redundant tasks like inputting data on spreadsheets, sharing on your social media. These are made up of cues that are anchored to simple tasks. Every time you do the cue, the program will do what you need to do after that.

Examples: IFTTT, Zapier

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