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5 Tips in Creating a Successful Logo for Your Business


Creating a logo for your small business isn’t as easy as picking the right colors, choosing the essential design elements and adding a few graphic touches.

Your business logo should convey the overall image your business wants to impart and must truly represent what your company stands for. It will be the basis of all your business materials like store signage, packaging, promotional materials and stationery. The design of your logo may play a big role in the success of your business that it is advisable that you seek the help of professional designers.


In order to create the best logo for your business, here are some tips you need to follow.

1. Be simple.

A logo should be easy to look at as customers would like things easier to process. For instance, the old design of the Apple logo, which was rainbow-colored, got a major make-over when it was rendered in solid black or simple grayscale. Because of its shift towards simplicity, consumers were able to appreciate it more.

2. Ensure that the logo fits your business’ overall message.

Before coming up with a logo, you should first identify your business’ key characteristics. This will help you convey your company’s message through your logo. For example, if your products are organic and environment-friendly, make sure these characteristics are imparted in your logo through earth-tone colours and simple design.

3. Make it memorable.

Having a memorable or an easy-to-remember logo can lead to word-of-mouth or repeat customers. Make sure that your business logo leaves a lasting impression.

4. Make it worthy of remark.

A business logo should have remarkability, a quality that makes it stand out from a sea of competitors. While remarkability may not necessarily work for long-established businesses, this quality could help start-up businesses reach their target customers.

5. Test the waters.

When coming up with a logo, you need to do market research and not solely rely on your gut. You can conduct surveys or focus group discussions for an independent feedback on your logo.

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