8 Things to Remember On How to Prepare Your Business When Typhoon Hits

Calamities are inevitable and typhoon is one of them. It is one of the deadliest and strongest phenomena to ever hit a country several times each year and the Philippines is one of those that suffer massive devastation when typhoon hits. But unlike an earthquake, typhoons can be predicted. We can see it coming but we can never prevent it from happening. So, for many businesses if not all, business preparedness when typhoon hits is key to survival.

Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your business when typhoon hits. Typhoon season is from June to November so you still have extra months to protect your business. This is very important because destruction of business establishments such as hotels, restaurants, resorts and factories to name a few could mean poverty to many business owners and their employees for they would lose their source of income.

protect your business

  1. Secure the building. Before and after the storm, make sure that you have available materials needed for the repair and restoration of your property.
  2. Be updated. Being prepared is being aware. Keep yourself posted all the time by watching the news on TV or listening to the radio or staying online.
  3. Alternative Storage. You should have an alternative storage or warehouse for your goods or items in case of flooding.
  4. Have your first aid kit ready. This is not just for you but for your employees as well. There is nothing more important than a casualty free space.
  5. Know all the emergency hotlines in your area.This is very important in case of fire or any casualty.
  6. Secure your files. Make sure all necessary documents for your business are safe.
  7. Know your insurance coverage if there is any. Find out all the necessary information regarding your business insurances in case of any damaged property or facilities.
  8. Have a regular meeting with your staff or employees. Keep them informed or educate them on all the necessary procedures in case a calamity like typhoon strikes.

When typhoon Yolanda hit the country in 2013, about one-tenth of the population has been greatly affected by this catastrophe and most businesses realized the importance of business preparedness when typhoon hits. The destruction to properties, businesses, infrastructure and agriculture was massive that we want to know how to prepare your business when typhoon hits. We should never be complacent for not just our lives will be in jeopardy but our future as well as our employees’.

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