Business Guide: How to Franchise Seaoil Gas Station

A gasoline station franchise is highly advantageous because everywhere and anywhere in the country, people need gasoline and other oil/gas products to fuel their vehicles (be it motorcycles, cars, boats, etc.) or to provide light and electricity for some.

What makes Seaoil gas station a good franchise option is that it offers low franchise fees – much lower compared with well-known brands – and it is actually easy to operate since there are already existing guidelines you just have to follow.

Other Advantages in Franchising Seaoil

  • World class products
  • Security of supply
  • Competitive pricing
  • Continuous support program from the company
  • ROI in 4-5 years
  • No inventory spoilage since oil is non-perishable (and you can stock up when market prices are low)
  • There is always huge demand for gas products
  • Dealer has various options for pumps to include in franchise package
  • Dealer can franchise Seaoil in an existing gas station or start a new one
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Franchise Info

Royalty Fee: 2% of the total gross sales per month
Franchise Fee: P250,000.00, renewable every 5 years
Initial investment package: P2 – P8 million, depending on location, size of gas station, etc.
Option to become lubricant distributor
Option for service bay and convenience store

How to Franchise Seaoil Gas Station

  • Look for a good location and apply for lease or buy the land (minimum lot size of 375 sqm, with frontage minimum of 25 meters)
  • Download and fill up any of the standard Franchise Application Forms available on
  • Send letter of intent to become a Seaoil franchisee to [email protected] or to the Marketing Department
  • Schedule an appointment with Marketing Personnel
  • Bring the following during the appointment:
  1. Bank Certification and/or Financial Statement amounting to at least P3.8 million
  2. Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate for Franchise Agreement and Equipment Lease Contract
  3. Filled out Franchise Application Form
  • Prospective dealers must pay 10% of the dealership fee before actual evaluation of the proposed site
  • After payment, Business Development Officers will evaluate the site
  • Once approve, dealer can process the rest of the franchise and pay the remaining fees
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